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  2. YC Training Camp

    YC China will open a 3-month business acceleration camp in spring and autumn respectively each year. During the event, YC will ask the founders of each start-up it funds to engage in the activities within the relevant time in Beijing, where YC will, in full coordination with relevant groups, guide the businesses to bring the best performance with intensive efforts. With a “closed-door dinner” each week held, the training camp sees the highlight—Road Show Day when many top-level venture capitalists across the world will be present for the program presentation report.

    Time: spring and autumn each year

    Details about the activities are available at the official website of YC China: https://www.ycchina.com

    International Talent Fair/Future Talent Fair

    International Talent Fair/Future Talent Fair represents a featured initiative during the Zhongguancun Innovation & Entrepreneurship Week, which, as a nationwide event, brings together numerous world Top 500 enterprises, large multinationals and innovation-driven enterprises & start-ups, together with innovative talents from over 50 countries. Thus, it enables closer exchanges and cooperation between international talents and technologies. Attended by world-famous enterprises such as Daimler, Walmart, Wework, PWC, Baidu, 36 Kr and Xiaomi, the talent fair is dedicated to ensuring the opportunities of face-to-face exchanges and interviews with international tech-innovative companies for talents at home and abroad.
    Time: during Zhongguancun Innovation & Entrepreneurship Week (generally between September and October, with the detailed time available at the WeChat subscription—“zgccydj”)

    Get INNspired Night/Business After 5 Friday’s Social Party

    As an international featured event established by Innoway in 2018, Get INNspired Night/Business After 5 Friday’s Social Party is designed to share its frontier ideas on technology and innovation with representatives of leading enterprises, representatives of international institutions and young business-starters at home and abroad amid relaxation and delight, in which way the business-starters can establish their strong presence in Haidian, ensure closer contacts with traditional major enterprises and emerging industries, and foster and accelerate the clustering of innovation and entrepreneurship resources, so as to cultivate an increasingly flourishing culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Haidian and make the district more vigorous and attractive.
    Time: one to twice each year (the detailed time is available at the WeChat subscription—“zgccydj”)

    Startup Grind

    Established in 2010 and headquartered in the Silicon Valley, Startup Grind is a global tech-entrepreneurship community. Powered by Google, it is committed to facilitating the mutual learning, reciprocal enlightenment and resource exchanges between entrepreneurs. It holds activities in more than 500 cities in 120 countries, with the most excellent business starters, innovators, educators and investors in local place invited each month to share their personal stories, including the best practice and lessons for them on their way to entrepreneurship. Business starters enjoy abundant opportunities from monthly fireside chat and social activities and annual meeting, which associate those excellent start-ups and those advancing their growth to open capable supporting network, establish useful connections and draw inspiration for the future entrepreneurship. And all relevant information serves as the reference for the entrepreneurs across the world via YouTube at the interview video conference.
    Time: available at the WeChat subscription—“Startup Grind”

    Hackathon / Ideathon

    The concept of hackathon or ideathon originated from the hackers’ marathon known as “the carnival for developers”. Arguably, it is an innovation-oriented event calling for quick response and enthusiasm, in which a group of ambitious skilled-hands is gathered for brainstorming within dozens of hours with on-spot breaks to achieve a turn from concept to prototype before finally giving project demonstration. In addition to the event irregularly co-held by Zhongguancun Entrepreneurship Street and large enterprises and multinationals, also a number of entrepreneurship service institutions hold such contest.
    Time: details on the event is available at the WeChat subscription—“AngelHack”

    Pitch@Palace Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest

    As a global public-welfare platform for business incubation established by Prince Andrew, British Duke of York in 2014, the “Pitch@Palace” is designed to provide support for the entrepreneurs across the world in entrepreneurship and innovation by selecting the influential industrial leaders and entrepreneurship projects in all fields, so as to foster the development of internationalized innovation system in local places, thus ensuring more vigorous technological innovation and industrial development in the host countries and regions. Since its inception 4 years ago, the event has been held in 17 zones, bringing together the projects from 59 countries and regions, with 1,958 start-ups supported.Through the exchanges and integration with the internationalized capital, tech enterprises and connections of Pitch@Palace, this event is designed to make the latest development and achievements of innovation shared by the entrepreneurship groups at home and abroad, help more innovation-driven enterprises and start-ups to gain access to globalization, solve the challenges facing individual group in internationalization via the public-welfare platform—Pitch@Palace, and support Chinese most potential tech start-ups in the cross-border, trans-boundary and cross-community integration.
    Time: around May of each year (generally acceleration camp in April)

    DeeCamp AI Training Camp

    Open to the college students keen on AI technologies and grounded in computer skills, it is aimed at increasing the practical experience of AI talents in colleges and universities in industrial application, while further bridging research with commercial use. During the past two years, with a total of 400 trainees were admitted after three stages where 9,000 people from over 600 colleges and universities across the world had registered, DeeCamp has the largest and most famous AI training camp. Therefore, trainees can both attend the lectures offered by the top-level experts in academic and industrial communities, and finish the practical subject under the direction of top-notch AI companies. Details are available at the official website: http://www.chuangxin.com

    “Entrepreneurship Travel in Gobi”

    Jointly planned and launched by Sinovation Ventures, Legend Star, AAMA, Z.H. ISLAND, Legend Capital and Xingzhi Group in 2013, and executed under the full guarantee of Xingzhi Group, “Entrepreneurship travel in Gobi” has become an annual event for entrepreneurship, in which at least 300 excellent business starters and investors travel 100 kilometers across various complex landforms such as Gobi, Yardangs, river valleys, saline lands, and oases within three days in order to seek the truth of entrepreneurship and the essence of struggle, thus making themselves well cultivated in entrepreneurship.

    “Dongsheng Cup” International Entrepreneurship Competition

    Since its inception in 2013, the “Dongsheng Cup” International Entrepreneurship Competition has been held six times, attracting a total of over 4,000 excellent entrepreneurship projects at home and abroad including nearly 1,000 overseas items and focusing on the follow-up incubation of more than 200 items, thus ensuring a quality and wide-ranging “entrepreneurship+” platform for numerous business starters across the world. In coordination with the resources, incubator institutions and investment institutions of Zhongguancun, it has established the system in the “deep incubation+targeted investment+entrepreneurship training” mode. Covering the items in technological innovation such as artificial intelligence / intelligent manufacturing, new energy / new material, cultural creativity, Internet+ and health care, it has also forms a competition system involving the links—participant recruitment-preliminary contests in all zones-quarter-finals in all zones-semi-finals across the world-global final.

    Time: August of each year

    Shengjing Global Innovation Awards

    As the broadest and highest-rewarding innovation contest in the world, Shengjing Global Innovation Awards involves the award of 150 million US dollars: 25 million US dollars as the investment commitment, and 150 million US dollars as potential investment. Held in four divisions—China, America, Israel, and Europe & Latin America, it joins hands with over 100 top-level innovation incubator, accelerator, and venture capital institutions across the world amid the commitment to exploring and breeding top-notch innovation-driven enterprises and taking full advantage of Chinese capital and Chinese market to build the landscape of innovation globalization in which innovation prevails worldwide amid the use of global capital.

    Time: available at the WeChat official account—“Shengjing Networking” Incubator

    International Cultural Festival of Tsinghua University

    Hosted by Tsinghua International Students & Scholars Center, the International Cultural Festival of Tsinghua University has emerged as one of the largest and most desirable cultural events since its inception in 2009. By means of the well-planned activities and enthusiastic display of both Chinese and foreign students, it best indicates the internationalization of the campus where diverse cultures get integrated amid interactions and are also embraced and describes vividly what an international impression Tsinghua University leaves.
    Time: early May of each year

    International Cultural Festival of Peking University

    The International Cultural Festival of Peking University represents part of the model of campus internationalization by having built a multi-participation platform for multi-way exchanges among both international students and Chinese students, and both on-campus and off-campus participants amid 14 years of growth, maturation, and innovation since its inception in 2004. What’s more, it manifests how Peking University serves as a harmonious campus inclusive of diverse cultures that enables mutual exchanges and learning among students.

    With 15 events hosted by far in Peking University, this festival has emerged as a symbolic brand of this university.

    Time: October of each year

    Details about the activities are available at the official website of Peking University: https://www.pku.edu.cn/

    Beihang International Cultural Festival

    Supported by the campus, undertaken by international students and shared by both Chinese and foreign students, Beihang International Cultural Festival represents an event designed to display the distinctive cultures of various countries. It ensures access to the cultures of various countries for on-campus students while promoting mutual exchanges, understanding, and integration between Chinese and foreign students. By far, Beihang has hosted 8 events.

    Time: May of each year

    Details about the event are available at the official website of Beihang University: https://www.buaa.edu.cn/

    BIT International Cultural Festival

    In order to carry out closer exchanges between Chinese and foreign students, foster a world-level international study culture and build a globalized platform for the well-being of both teachers and students based on the harmony between teaching and learning, Beijing Institute of Technology hosts an annual international cultural festival in each spring, to show well the unique charm of the cultures of various countries and the optimistic ethos of BIT’s international students.

    Time: May of each year

    Details about the event are available at the official website of BIT: http://www.bit.edu.cn/

    BLCU World Cultural Festival

    Beijing Language & Culture University (BLCU), known as the “United Nations on Campus”, brings together the international students majoring in the Chinese language from over 160 countries. BLCU World Cultural Festival represents one of the regular events taking place in Beijing each year. As an annual festival for cultural exchanges, the BLCU has hosted 15 events, with the number of participating countries and regions on the increase. International students carry forward their own national elements in this cultural feast while gaining deeper insights into the Chinese culture amid cultural interactions and exchanges; and visitors across the world enjoy more excitement from what they see, hear and even taste, in this carnival.

    Time: May of each year

    Details about the event are available at the official website of the BLCU: http://www.blcu.edu.cn/

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