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  2. B2B Meetings

    The activity adopts the B2B model, at which start-up project side and enterprises from a specific field or various fields are invited to conduct on-site communication. During the activity, matchmaking meetings will be especially held for several fields or certain institutions, in a bid to make the project side get a full Photo of enterprises’ (industry side’s) demands within three to four hours, so as to help both sides reach the intention of cooperation in an efficient and rapid manner.


    Inspired by the Hackathons, the developers’ carnival, the Ideathons is a gathering for creative master-hands. Within a short dozens of hours, participants brainstorm ideas and transform them into prototypes, and display these models at the site of activity, presenting visitors an innovative feast full of speed and enthusiasm.
    Not only just Zhongguancun Innoway holds marathons with large enterprises, multinational enterprises and other entities from time to time, many start-up service organizations also hold this kind of activities.

    Demo Days

    Demo Days: A demo day is a hands-on workshop and exchange day with Startups from specific industries.


    Roadshows: A marketing service for corporates who want to raise awareness in innovation hubs and startup clusters
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