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  2. Company Registration

    At present, you can either register a company by yourself or hire an entrust agency to do it. (Note: the following is just for reference. The specific application shall be subject to the practical situation of the enterprise or individual, and the company shall be legally established in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China.)

    First of all, to start a new business, you must have an address which will become your company’s address. On May 13, Haidian District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau took the lead in piloting the free residence policy in the whole city which is called "cluster registration". Based on this “cluster registration” policy, district-level entrepreneurship services platforms can provide qualified startups a free address for two-year period. Haidian Park Entrepreneurship Service Center and Z-Innoway have become the first pilot operation units of "cluster registration" platform in Beijing.


    Haidian Park Entrepreneurship Service Center: Floor 3-5, No. 36, Chuangyezhonglu,

    Z-Innoway: Floor 6, No. 48 Haidian West Street (Building No.6 on Innoway Street)

    Once you have the address, you can now start your registration process.:

    Method 1:

    You can login into the one-stop service platform (website: https://scjgj.beijing.gov.cn/ect) to finish all the registration procedures online. Applicants who apply for the electronic registration are not required to submit original paper documents or copies of the application materials. For the submission of documents such as the subject qualification certificate, identity certificate, approval certificate, articles and resolutions, the applicants can submit a photocopy (printed copy) of the original document through the electronic registration system, or fill out the application forms set by the system.

    Method 2:

    You can go directly to the registries to submit application materials.

    Address: Haidian District Administration for Market Regulation (2nd floor, Haidian District government service center, No.A29, Dongbeiwangnan Road, Haidian District, Beijing)

    Telephone: 5132 1502

    Requisite for the Registration of Foreign-Invested Enterprise
    Signed by the legal representative in person. (for other requirements, please refer to the instructions on the application form)
    Articles and contracts of cooperation
    (1) The submission of contracts shall be limited to the non-company foreign-funded enterprises that have applied for establishment in accordance with The Law on Foreign Capital Enterprises, The Law on Sino-Foreign Contractual Joint Ventures and other laws and regulations. (2) The articles and contracts of cooperation shall be Original copies signed by the legal representatives or authorized persons of each investor and sealed by each investor. If the investor is a natural person, the original copy shall be signed by the investor.
    (3) Enterprises involved in special management measures for foreign investment access shall submit articles and contracts of cooperation that have been approved by corresponding departments.
    Copies of the approval given by authority departments and The Certificate of Approval for Establishment of Foreign-Funded Enterprises
    Issued by commercial departments, it is limited to enterprises involved in special management measures for foreign investment access.
    Legal qualification certificate of each investor
    Please refer to the instructions on "how to submit the shareholder qualification certificate for application for enterprise registration" in the General Guide and Risk Tips for Investment and License Application for detailed submission information about shareholder qualification certificate.
    Copies of the appointment documents and identity certificates of legal representatives, directors, supervisors, and managers
    If you have attached copies of the identity certificate (such as passport) and signed the appointment confirmation papers in the application form, you are not required to submit them again.
    Domicile certificate
    Copy of the property ownership certificate signed or sealed by the property owner, where the property right belongs to a natural person, it shall be signed in person, and where the property right belongs to an organization, it shall be affixed with the official seal.
    Approval documents of permitted project
    It only needs to be provided by enterprises whose business for application and registration involves items that must be submitted for approval before registration as stipulated by laws, administrative regulations and decisions of the State Council.
    Credit certificates of foreign investors (limited to those non-company foreign-funded enterprises)
    i.e. the Capital Credit Certificate issued by a financial institution who has business contact with this foreign investor.
    Supplementary Information Registration Form
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