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  2. Work Permit

    Application Requirements

    The basic conditions of an employing unit: it is established in accordance with the law and has no record of serious breach of law and credit; the position employed by foreigners should be of special needs, and there is a temporary shortage of suitable candidates in China, and it does not violate the relevant provisions of the State; the wages and salaries of the foreigners employed shall not be lower than the local minimum wage standard. Where laws and regulations stipulate that the approval should be made by the competent department in charge of the industry in advance, the approval shall be required.

    The applicant's basic conditions: he or she should be over 18 years old, healthy, without criminal record, has a definite employing unit in the territory, and has the necessary professional skills or appropriate knowledge level for his or her work. The work is in line with the needs of China's economic and social development, and is in urgent need of professionals in China. Where laws and regulations provide otherwise for the work of foreigners in China, such provisions shall prevail.

    The specific application conditions shall be based on the documents published by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security in that year.

    Application Procedure

    Employers or specialized agencies are entrusted with registering accounts in the work management service system for foreigners coming to China, submitting licensing applications online, and printing the Notice of Foreign Workers'Work License online after approval.

    Aliens apply for Z-visa or F-visa or R-visa at the embassies and consulates of the People's Republic of China abroad on the basis of the Notice of Aliens'Work Permit and other necessary materials.

    After an alien enters the country with a valid visa, the employing unit applies for the Foreigner's Work Permit online, and collects the certificate from the local Foreigner's Work Administration Department.

    After entering the country with a valid visa, aliens are required to apply for working residence certificates with the entry-exit administrative organ of the public security organ where the employing unit is located.

    Processing materials

    Processing materials: application form for work permit for foreigners coming to China, certificate of work qualification, certificate of highest degree (degree) or relevant approval documents, certificate of professional qualification, certificate of no criminal record, medical examination certificate, employment contract or certificate of employment (including letter of dispatch from multinational corporations), etc.


    Haidian District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

    Address: 2 floors, North District, Zhongguancun Talent Development Center, 73 West Fourth Ring North Road, Haidian District

    Telephone number: 010-88506277

    Beijing Foreign Experts and Foreign Employment Center

    Address: No. 1 West Third Ring South Road, Fengtai District, Beijing

    Telephone number: 010-89150841

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