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  2. Work Visa

    Application Requirements & Procedure

    Work permit for foreigners in China - Foreign Professionals (category B)


    1. Completed Work Permit Processed

    2. Foreigners holding work permits for less than 10 days


    Materials (10 working days)

    1. Passport original + copy (stamp)

    2. Original Permit for Foreigners to China

    3. "Decision of Beijing Foreign Experts Bureau to Grant Administrative License"
    Original + Copy (Chapter)

    4. Original Application Form for Alien Visa Documents

    5. A two-inch white photograph

    6. Original and photocopy of valid accommodation registration in Beijing

    7. The original and photocopy of the work certificate issued by the unit

    8. Copies of the Company's Business License


    Work Visa

    Zhongguancun Foreigners Service Hall, Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Beijing Public Security Bureau

    No. 22, Shuangyushu Beili, Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing Consultation telephone: 010-84020101

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